Dual Degree Program students will earn two bachelor’s degrees – one from HKU and one from UC Berkeley. During the first phase of the program, years one and two, students take courses in chosen major at HKU, as well as some major requirements for their major at UCB, along with general education requirements. They then will come to Berkeley to finish both HKU and UCB major requirements and college requirements.


The University of Hong Kong

Students in the Dual Degree Program must satisfy all of HKU’s degree and University requirements, including the Capstone requirement. Many courses will overlap with UC Berkeley requirements but will depend on majors chosen. Some requirements will be required to complete at HKU to finish the Dual Degree.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is one of the finest humanities faculties in the region, internationally renowned, and ranked in the top 3 in Asia. It admitted its first Arts students in October 1912. It has over the past century graduated leaders who are committed to making significant contributions to the development of Hong Kong, the region, and the world at large. It currently serves as an international gateway and forum for a humanistic scholarship between China and the rest of the world, producing graduates with highly developed analytical, linguistic, critical, and creative skills for leadership and success in their professional and life endeavors.

The faculty is comprised of four Schools and two Centres, including the School of Chinese, School of English, School of Humanities, and School of Modern Language and Cultures.

Students can choose any one of the following 22 majors in the Faculty of Arts to major in as part of the Dual Degree Program:

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is ranked as the second-best such faculty in Asia, and the leading University in Asia for Psychology. Social Sciences students develop their global perspectives by completing internships in service leadership in different countries around the world and have the opportunity to participate in summer programmes, such as the “Asia as the Global Future” programme, that capitalizes on the economic, innovation and perhaps political power shift that has been taking place towards Asia in recent years. Another is the Global Citizenship Summer Institute that encourages students to step beyond their academic and physical borders to engage in intellectual and experiential learning through participating in an intensive summer study programme outside Hong Kong.

Students can choose any one of the following six majors in the Faculty of Social Sciences to major in as part of the Dual Degree Program:

1. China Studies (Social Sciences stream)
2. Geography
3. Politics and Public Administration
4. Psychology
5. Social Work and Social Administration
6. Sociology


UC Berkeley

Dual Degree students must satisfy all of UC Berkeley’s University, College, and Major requirements. Many of the college requirements and some major requirements will be satisfied with HKU coursework. However, requirements will need to be completed at Berkeley to finish the Dual Degree.

The Division of Arts and Humanities

Studying in the division of Arts and Humanities at UC Berkeley, will expand your horizons and prepare for the increasingly multicultural world. Through the rigorous exploration of complex philosophical arguments, students move beyond their assumptions toward a deeper understanding of human life and its complexities. And discovery in the arts helps students open their imaginations to fresh perspectives on the world.

Students can choose any one of the following 16 majors in the Division of Arts and Humanities to major in as part of the Dual Degree Program:

The Division of Social Sciences

The social sciences at UC Berkeley, study the common elements and collective dimensions of the human experience. Scholars in this division of the College of Letters & Science focus on topics as varied as color perception, language acquisition, climate change, sexuality, social identity, markets and risk, wages and work, civil rights and political institutions, kinship and culture, international relations, epochal change, and child development.

Students can choose any one of the following eight majors in the Division of Social Sciences to major in as part of the Dual Degree Program:


Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies (UGIS)

UGIS serves as a center for innovations in undergraduate education that extend beyond traditional departmental boundaries. These programs attract undergraduates who wish to explore the most intellectually engaging and promising interdisciplinary fields under the direction of scholars who are pioneers in charting these new areas and methods of inquiry.

Students can choose one of the following two majors in UGIS as part of the Dual Degree Program: